08 March 2007

Jewellery Design

I’ve recently been working through “Fashion Design Drawing Course” by Caroline Tatham and Julian Seaman, but rather than using it to learn fashion design I’ve been adapting the course to suit jewellery design. I’ve worked through the first four units so far. Usually when I design jewellery I just work out of my head or make a very quick scribbled sketch, so working on my designs on paper before I start making the jewellery is a new experience for me.

I also recently bought “The Art of Jewellery Design” by Liz Olver, which I hope will also help me develop my jewellery design skills. I would like to find a book with more technical information on how to illustrate jewellery, but I haven’t found one yet. I love the illustrations in “Tiffany Diamonds” by John Loring – I would love to know how to create that sort of sparkle in my own drawings.


Hervé said...

I'm an italian boy and first of all I want to say your blog is wonderfull.
I would sketh jewels too, but i can't find a book about technical information on how to illustrate jewellery. Did you found something to develop your jewellery design skills?
this is my mail
Thank you and best wishes for your blog


Emma said...

Hi Herve

Unfortunately I haven't managed to find such a book. There are a couple on amazon.com but It's too expensive for me to buy them from there. It might be worth contacting a local art college and seeing what books they would recommend.


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