28 March 2007

Heap O' Moleskines

I got my first Moleskine in 2001 to use as a travel journal, then bought my next one five years later for the same purpose. But in the last year my collection has mushroomed!

The photograph shows:
1. Japanese Album: Japan journal May 2006
2. Japanese Album: Austria journal October 2001
3. Sketchbook: Sketches July 2006 - March 2007
4. Sketchbook: Japanese sketches January 2007+
5. Watercolour Notebook: Watercolours March 2007+
6. Sketchbook: Sketches March 2007+
7. Large Memo Pockets: Old love letters
8. Large Squared Notebook: Learning Japanese
9. Large Watercolour Notebook: Brand new

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