09 February 2020

Fun a Day Dundee: Vietnam illustrations

This year I took part in Fun a Day Dundee, which takes place in January. It's all about doing something fun (usually creative) during the endlessly dark and tedious first month of the year.
Because I'd been to Vietnam at the end of November and it was still fresh in my mind, I decided to base my project on that. I thought of all the things I'd seen in Vietnam that felt iconic of that country.
I wanted to create a somewhat retro style of illustration that looked like it had been printed, so I learned a lot of new skills in Procreate, like using halftone images and slightly mis-matching the alignment of the layers. Towards the end of the month I also treated myself to some mid-century brushes from Bardot Brush, so that I could create an ink-bleed look and some other retro effects.

I really enjoyed being part of Fun a Day Dundee and posting my illustrations on Instagram every day. I'm hoping that there's going to be an exhibition of everyone's work soon!

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