15 February 2020

2019 books

I haven’t yet shared my list of the books I read last year, so here it is. I read slightly less than I had in other years, especially towards the end of the year. But I’ve been making up for that since the new year started! 

I read books mostly by women, with, I think, 8 out of 48 being by men. I read books by a couple of local authors, Val McDermid and Jenny Colgan, a couple of fascinating books about algorithms by Hannah Fry and Cathy O’Neil, and some books in French, most of which were graphic novels. 

I read some series, or bits of them, including Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, some Tony Hill/Carol Jordan books by Val McDermid, some of the Brunetti books by Donna Leon, the Rosie Hopkins books by Jenny Colgan, and started a reread of the Rei Shimura books by Sujata Massey. 

My favourite factual books this year were Joyful, which was really inspiring, and Invisible Women which I think everyone should read. In terms of fiction I most enjoyed the Val McDermid and Sujata Massey books, and I’m planning to read more of theirs this year.

This was also the year that I moved away from reading so much on my Kindle - most of the books were paper books. That's continued into this year.
  1. The Wild Remedy - Emma Mitchell
  2. Joyful - Ingrid Fetell Lee
  3. My Brilliant Friend - Elena Ferrante
  4. The Prodigal Tongue - Lynne Murphy
  5. Invisible Women - Caroline Criado Perez
  6. Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan
  7. Hello World - Hannah Fry
  8. The Secret Lives of Colour - Kassia St Clair
  9. The Curated Closet - Anuschka Rees
  10. Weapons of Math Destruction - Cathy O'Neil
  11. Gossip from the Forest - Sara Maitland
  12. China Rich Girlfriend - Kevin Kwan
  13. Rich People Problems - Kevin Kwan
  14. Tell Me of a Girl - L H Johnson
  15. Fever of the Bone - Val McDermid
  16. The Retribution - Val McDermid
  17. La Différence Invisible - Mademoiselle Caroline et Julie Dachez
  18. Cross and Burn - Val McDermid
  19. Splinter the Silence - Val McDermid
  20. Insidious Intent - Val McDermid
  21. Daisy Jones & the Six - Taylor Jenkins Reid
  22. All Systems Red - Martha Wells
  23. How to Live Plastic Free - Marine Conservation Society
  24. Short Stories in French - Olly Richards and Richard Simcott
  25. Indian Takeaway - Hardeep Singh Kohli
  26. Écumes - Ingrid Chabbert et Carole Maurel
  27. Love For Imperfect Things - Haemin Sunim
  28. Record of a Spaceborn Few - Becky Chambers
  29. Meet Me at the Cupcake Café - Jenny Colgan
  30. A Noble Radiance - Donna Leon
  31. Fatal Remedies - Donna Leon
  32. Friends in High Places - Donna Leon
  33. A Sea of Troubles - Donna Leon
  34. No One is Too Small to Make a Difference - Greta Thunberg
  35. Wilful Behaviour - Donna Leon
  36. Because Internet - Gretchen McCulloch
  37. The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
  38. The Bellwether Revivals - Benjamin Wood
  39. The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
  40. The Salaryman's Wife - Sujata Massey
  41. Zen Attitude - Sujata Massey
  42. The Flower Master - Sujata Massey
  43. The Distant Echo - Val McDermid
  44. The Floating Girl - Sujata Massey
  45. War of the Worlds - H G Wells
  46. A Darker Domain - Val McDermid
  47. Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop - Jenny Colgan
  48. The Christmas Surprise - Jenny Colgan

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