17 February 2020

Solar system nails

A few months ago I treated myself to a solar system bracelet from Braceletts (not an ad, I just really love my bracelet!). It’s got various semi-precious stones representing the planets as follows, with a golden ring around Saturn, and black beads to represent the void of space. 
Mercury - Deep Sea Scallop 
Venus - Gold Foil Beads 
Moon - Opal 
Earth - King Turquoise 
Mars - Red Agate 
Jupiter - Tiger Eye 
Saturn - Whitelip Shell 
Uranus - Blue Cat Eye 
Neptune – Lapis 
I thought it would be fun to paint my nails in a similar fashion, so I looked through my collection of nail polishes and chose those that I felt best represented the planets. I wanted to have my favourites Jupiter and Saturn as the thumb nails, so unlike the bracelet I didn't include the Moon. But I did add in the dwarf planet Pluto instead! It's not really obvious, but I put a stripe down the middle of the Saturn nail to represent its rings.

I also thought that the M&S chocolates I got for Christmas looked like planets, so it was the perfect photo opportunity! I didn't realise until now that the plate they were sitting on looks like stars in space!

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