06 February 2020

Hello, Robot exhibition

I recently went to the Hello, Robot exhibition at the V&A in Dundee, and I really enjoyed it. It had a brighter and calmer atmosphere than the robots exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland last year, so I found it an altogether more pleasant experience to spend time sketching in this exhibition!
My favourite thing about the exhibition was how cute some of the robots were! I decided to draw the cutest ones in my Moleskine.
I really liked this piece by Douglas Coupland, one of my favourite authors. The slogans were thought-provoking, and it was really colourful (and it makes a good selfie background!). I was pleased that I could get postcards of a few of the posters.

There was a little library area at the entrance to the exhibition, including some of my favourites like Asimov and Hannah Fry. I got a look there at The Wild Robot, which I'd been interested in for a while, and I bought it soon afterwards.
I found the closest approximation to my job on this website, and it seems like I won't be replaced by a robot just yet!

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