19 November 2015

Cat-ear face stamps

I'd spotted these erasers a few times in Tiger, but hadn't bought them as I knew I wouldn't use them as erasers. But I thought they were really fun, and wished I could think of another purpose for them.
Then, on my latest trip to Tiger I was excited to find that they have stamp carving sets. Since I love carving stamps, I picked one up. Then I spotted the face erasers, and the idea came to me - I could carve along the lines of the design to create stamps!
So that's exactly what I did. I carved out the areas of the faces that I wanted to remain white.
After stamping with them a bit, I noticed that one of them was giving a cat-ear effect when I didn't press hard enough at the top centre of the stamp. I thought this looked really cool (it reminded me of the character Enid in one of my favourite films, Ghost World). So I carved both of the stamps into cat-ear shapes.

And the other side of the stamps could also be carved - I'm wondering whether to make the opposite of these ones, with the hair area light and the faces dark.

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