21 November 2015

Stones of Falkland

Falkland is one of my favourite places to go for a Sunday wander, but this time it was something a bit different - a self-guided geology walk. 

I recently found out that the Living Lomonds Partnership had published a leaflet about the stones used in the buildings of Falkland. I'm interested in local history, and in researching local buildings I had come across lots of terms like whinstone, ashlar, rubble walls, etc, but didn't really know a lot about them.

Sharpe's Close is paved with angular and rounded basalt cobbles

Contrast between rubble and ashlar sandstone walls on Falkland Palace

The varying colours of basalt, dolerite and cut sandstone on the Weaver's Cottage

The leaflet guided me around many of the buildings in the centre of Falkland, showing the different types of stone and construction. I found it really fascinating - I love learning new things.

Whinstone with painted quoins on the Gift Shop

It was also a good chance to look at many of the interesting stone carvings and marriage lintels, which I've always found fascinating.

It's great to know that there are always new things to discover, even somewhere I visit all the time!

Stone carvings

Stone carvings and lintels

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