Frequently Asked Questions

Can I link to your site or pin your images?
Yes, please do, but please don't use more than one photo, and make sure to link back to the original post.

Where else are you online?
Here are links to my social media, and I also have a very old website.

Do you sell any of the items you make?
I'm so busy coming up with new ideas that I very rarely have time to make items to sell! On the rare occasions that I do, I sell at a local craft fair or on Etsy. And I like to encourage people to have a go at making things themselves!

How did you get to be so creative?
I think it must be in the genes! Check out some of the things made by my mum, and my grandad.

How do you find time to do so many crafty projects?
I don't have children... or pets... or a husband! And I'm not really into going out to pubs and clubs very often. And it's what I enjoy doing so I make time by prioritising it over other things (hmmmm... when did I last wash my car... or cut my grass!)

How did you learn to do all these crafts?
I'm a great believer in lifelong learning, and most things that I do I've either taught myself (from books or the internet) or gone along to an art college course.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I have a theory that to be creative, you need to put something in to get something out. So I feed my creativity by visiting art galleries, museums, parks and gardens, and, when I can, travelling to exciting places.

Those long school holidays must mean you have lots of free time to work on your crafts?
Although I work in a school, unfortunately I don't get the holidays that the teachers do (or get paid as much!), so I have to fit in my crafting and blogging around my full-time job.

Where did your interest in Japan come from?
Read about it here!

How often have you been to Japan?
I went on a 6-day escorted tour in May 2006, visiting Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone (Mount Fuji area) and Kyoto. I went back on my own in November 2013, and spent two weeks exploring Kyoto. Other countries I've visited include Norway (1992), Austria (2001), China (2008) and Peru (2012).

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