27 November 2015

Mushroom spotting

Despite this autumn being quite dry, it's been a bumper year for spotting mushrooms in my garden and around the local area. Here are some of the interesting specimens I have seen.
In my garden

Thought this was a funky mushroom in my garden... it was a broken-off piece of a brush!

On Falkland Estate

In my garden

In my garden

In the town park

And, of course, when it comes to mushroom "spotting", can't forget these brightly coloured ones!
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25 November 2015

Glenrothes in Autumn

Perhaps it's because the weather had been so lovely, or because I was looking forward to my holiday and knew I only had a limited time to enjoy the local autumn leaves, but the colours this autumn seemed really spectatular.
I had a week's holiday at home before heading off to Italy, so I made the most of the great weather by enjoying some walks around town and the local woods.
The variety of leaf colours was amazing!

23 November 2015

Autumn in Falkland

It was a beautiful autumn this year, and when I went up to Falkland for my geology walk and to take my autumn self-portraits, I also got some general photos of the area in all its autumnal glory.

And this is how I felt after my walk!

21 November 2015

Stones of Falkland

Falkland is one of my favourite places to go for a Sunday wander, but this time it was something a bit different - a self-guided geology walk. 

I recently found out that the Living Lomonds Partnership had published a leaflet about the stones used in the buildings of Falkland. I'm interested in local history, and in researching local buildings I had come across lots of terms like whinstone, ashlar, rubble walls, etc, but didn't really know a lot about them.

Sharpe's Close is paved with angular and rounded basalt cobbles

Contrast between rubble and ashlar sandstone walls on Falkland Palace

The varying colours of basalt, dolerite and cut sandstone on the Weaver's Cottage

The leaflet guided me around many of the buildings in the centre of Falkland, showing the different types of stone and construction. I found it really fascinating - I love learning new things.

Whinstone with painted quoins on the Gift Shop

It was also a good chance to look at many of the interesting stone carvings and marriage lintels, which I've always found fascinating.

It's great to know that there are always new things to discover, even somewhere I visit all the time!

Stone carvings

Stone carvings and lintels

19 November 2015

Cat-ear face stamps

I'd spotted these erasers a few times in Tiger, but hadn't bought them as I knew I wouldn't use them as erasers. But I thought they were really fun, and wished I could think of another purpose for them.
Then, on my latest trip to Tiger I was excited to find that they have stamp carving sets. Since I love carving stamps, I picked one up. Then I spotted the face erasers, and the idea came to me - I could carve along the lines of the design to create stamps!
So that's exactly what I did. I carved out the areas of the faces that I wanted to remain white.
After stamping with them a bit, I noticed that one of them was giving a cat-ear effect when I didn't press hard enough at the top centre of the stamp. I thought this looked really cool (it reminded me of the character Enid in one of my favourite films, Ghost World). So I carved both of the stamps into cat-ear shapes.

And the other side of the stamps could also be carved - I'm wondering whether to make the opposite of these ones, with the hair area light and the faces dark.