01 January 2019

Blog break

I'm going to take a blog break for the month of January. Actually, I've really already taken the break, because December was so busy that I wasn't able to spend as much time as usual getting posts ready for January! So I'll be spending the month doing a few creative things and getting some posts written ready for the blog's return in February!

31 December 2018

This year on emuse

Here's a quick summary of what's been happening on emuse this year!

January - Bullet journals

February - Creative projects and fun days out

March - Bullet journals and collections

April - 100 day project, birthday cards, and bullet journals

May - Beachcombing

June- Cherry blossoms and vintage sales

July - Glenrothes and architecture

August - Postcards

September - Penguins and painted walls

October - The 80s

November - Autumn leaves and bullet journals

December - Christmas and colourful events

30 December 2018

This month on emuse

Despite it being a really busy month for me, there have been surprisingly many creative projects on the blog, and my recent purchases have been quite useful for my creative pursuits too: 

I’ve also been to a couple of colourful events: 

29 December 2018

This month I have been mostly...

I finally finished Outskirts by John Grindrod, which I really enjoyed but seemed to take me ages, so I could properly get into My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante.

I've been enjoying watching Kirstie's Handmade Christmas and seeing if I can spot anyone I know from Instagram. It was particularly exciting to see Nikki McWilliams on it.

I've been perfecting my scrambled tofu - after trying it last year with the wrong kind of tofu, which came out very dry, I've been using silken tofu which works amazingly well! And I've been using up all the meat and fish from the freezer so I'm ready for Veganuary.
I was very busy at the start of the month, going to two craft fairs in Dundee, the V&A, then home for my Couch to 5k run on the 1st, then the In Colourful Company social in Edinburgh on the 2nd, followed two days later by jury duty (luckily I wasn't chosen, was back in work by lunchtime, and didn't have to go back another day). I'd barely recovered from all that when the next weekend came around and I had a Christmas fayre and a pantomime and Italian meal all in one day! 

I've also been to a 70th birthday party, and an end-of-term Indian meal, and been to various meetings for work and the charity shop. It was a very tiring month and I was glad when the Christmas holidays came and I could relax!

It's been hard to fit in my Couch to 5k runs now that they are a bit too tiring to do in a lunch break, and it's too dark after work, so I'm just doing one or two at the weekends. I am feeling that I'm making progress, though, and can run for 25 minutes and feel pretty good at the end of it!

26 December 2018

Planet pud Christmas cards

I’ve been busy this month and I really struggled to get motivated to start making my Christmas cards, even though I had some idea of what I wanted to make.

My older nephew has been doing a project about space at school, and is loving learning about all the planets in the solar system, so I knew I wanted to base the cards around that, and I also thought about the book The Little Prince.

I sketched out my ideas, and came up with the idea of a Christmas pudding planet, with the icing as the snow-capped pole of the planet and the raisins as craters, a few Christmas trees on the planet’s surface, stars in the sky, and Santa’s sleigh travelling around the rings!

The planet itself was really easy to make, because all I needed was a few large circles in brown with craters punched through the top one, then another in white which was cut to shape. Then it was just a case of adding all the little details. The reindeer was so fiddly that I decided to leave the rest of the sleigh hidden behind the planet!

24 December 2018

In Colourful Company Edinburgh meetup

Earlier this month I went to Edinburgh to meet up with some folks from the In Colourful Company online community. December is a busy time of year, and it was absolutely miserable weather, so only four of us made it along, but we had a lovely time. 
I’d been following Franca online for almost 10 years, after coming across her in the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr, so it was amazing to meet up with her at last when she organised this get-together. It was also lovely to see Christina, who I’d met on the Glasgow walk, and get a chance to chat to her properly. And it was great to meet Kitty too. 

Because the weather was so horrible we had decided to meet at a vegan cafe, Beetroot Sauvage, and not bother with the murals. Maybe we’ll do that in the spring when the weather is better! The food was delicious. I had a croissant filled with avocado and scrambled tofu – it has really inspired me and I’ve been trying out some tofu scramble recipes at home! 
Topics of conversation ranged between sexism, veganism, crafts, pets, archaeology, and much more. I went with great plans of taking lots of photos, but I ended up having so much fun chatting that my camera stayed in my bag and I only took a few photos with my phone!

21 December 2018

Tiny travel kit for anxious minds

The train is crowded, there are 10 different conversations going on around you, a child is singing loudly, the train is making screeching noises as it brakes, the heater is blasting out hot air, and there seem to be constant announcements. Putting music on your headphones isn’t helping, it’s just overlaying another layer of sound. Someone is crunching on cheese and onion crisps, and the person next to you is wearing overpowering perfume. It’s all a bit too much! 
I made myself this little kit for just these sorts of bus or train journeys from hell. I recently got myself a decent set of ear plugs, made a tiny lavender bag from some cute fabric by Marceline Smith of Asking for Trouble, and squeezed a couple of Kalms tablets in beside them in this tiny tin!

15 December 2018

Little boats

I’ve met lots of people I’ve come across online, and some of them have recognised me, others haven’t, but from none was the reaction so enthusiastic as Kathryn Brown, the originator of the This Little Boat project, who saw me come into Inverkeithing Civic Centre and immediately shouted out, “I know who this is! She’s dressed like her boat!”.
The idea of the project was that she sent out little wooden boats to artist, celebrities, schools, and so on, and that they were returned decorated. There are more than 2000 boats and it was amazing to see them on display together!
The beautifully painted colourful boat above was my favourite, with Girl with a Pearl Earring being a close second!

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