08 December 2017

Bullet journal

I've heard a lot about bullet journals over the past few years, but I'd gone down the road of using a planner so I didn't think I needed a bullet journal as well. I don't know what finally made me decide to get one, but now I have and I love it!
I've never been a great one for using diaries (of the date-book variety), so I knew that part of using a bullet journal would just seem like a chore for me. I haven't updated my planner since about May! So I won't be doing any daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly spreads in my bullet journal.

Instead I'm using the bullet journal to record longer-term information. The sort of thing that I've had jotted down on index cards since the days of using a hipster PDA, which are now kept at the back of my planner. I liked the idea of having somewhere more permanent to record these things, and in an artistic way. 

So far I've created spreads for:
Bullet journal page ideas
Chalet School books re-read
Books on my to-read shelf
Graph of books read
Pen tests
My favourite spread so far is my calendar of fun things to do each month. Some of these are seasonal things, like which plants are worth looking at that month, and others are annual events locally that I don't want to forget. My index card for these was completely full for the months of May and June, so I really needed to re-do it anyway.
And I've got ideas for lots more pages for my bullet journal!

05 December 2017

Moleskine drawings

Here are a couple of drawings I've done in my Moleskine recently, using Copic markers. One of them is about my pre-operative assessment at the hospital, and the other is some of the things I did to keep myself occupied after my operation.
Because the Copic markers bleed through the paper, I made the decision to glue the pages of the sketchbook together to hide the marks on the back.

01 December 2017

I'm back!

I took most of last month off from blogging after having my hysterectomy at the end of October. Everything went really well with the operation, and I'm recovering well. I've been able to get stuck into a few little art and craft projects while I've been off work, so I am looking forward to sharing those with you this month!

In the meantime here are some photos of the lovely cards and flowers I received after my operation!

30 November 2017

This month on emuse

I took a month off from blogging after my hysterectomy, so there's been nothing at all happening on emuse this month! Instead I thought I would show you some of the things I've been posting on Instagram. They show some of the things I've been getting up to during my sick leave, including crochet, buying sketchbooks, pens and pins, and receiving cards and flowers.

29 November 2017

This month I have been mostly...

There hasn't been anything happening on the blog this month, but here's what's been happening in my life. I had my hysterectomy at the end of last month, so this month has been spent resting and recuperating. 

I got Netflix so I've gone from the 70s to the 80s by watching Mindhunter and then Stranger Things. And I've started watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning (having only ever seen one episode before). Because I've been off work I got hooked on a couple of daytime shows, The Planners (which confusingly changed its name to Permission Impossible for the second series) and Family Finders. I Know Who You Are has been back on. And with my parents I watched lots of The Big Bang Theory, Landscape Artist of the Year, and Robot Wars. 

I actually haven't got as much reading done as I thought I would during my sick leave! But I have been reading The Power by Naomi Alderman, and a few more of the Chalet School books. I had stocked up on books so I have loads still to read!

Being off work led to a bit more online shopping than usual! I got another Seasalt Millpool dress as I've been wearing the first one a lot (it's baggy and comfy but still looks flattering) and another comfort purchase was Lucy & Yak dungarees after hearing great things about them! I got a good few more enamel pins for my collection, a mirror by Iris de la Torre (I'm kind of obsessed with things with faces on them at the moment), and some more pens from Cult Pens as well as a Leuchtturm sketchbook and my first ever bullet journal! I've also managed to get out to a few local shops with my parents, where I got three hats! And it's been lovely to be able to get to my local charity shop on an almost daily basis - they are only open when I'm usually at work.

Pretty much my only craft project during the time I've been off work has been my sunburst granny crochet blanket. I had the circles all ready, so I spent the first two weeks adding the first row of white around each one, forming shapes that I christened "squircles" then moved on to the second and final round of white which turns them into squares. It's been good to have a project that doesn't take too much concentration and can be done in front of the TV. I think it's stopped me doing quite so much aimless surfing online in front of the TV!

My most important activity each day has been walking, for most of which I've been accompanied by my dad. I slowly and gradually built up my walking each day, starting off by just going round the block at my parents' house, and I've worked towards getting my step count back to what it was before I went into hospital. I've been getting lots of rest too, with naps in the afternoons and evenings! And eating lots of healthy food. But also biscuits!

30 October 2017

This month I have been mostly...

I've been continuing working my way through the Chalet School books. I wanted to get up to The Chalet School Does It Again before going into hospital, because after that I mostly have paperbacks which will be easier to handle when I'm lying in bed! I'm also working my way through Fingers in the Sparkle Jar by Chris Packham - I am really enjoying it but I prefer it in small doses as his language is quite descriptive and I like to take my time over it.
A lot of crochet - I wanted to get 180 coloured circles finished so that when I'm off work after my hysterectomy I can work with just the white wool to turn these into granny squares and join them up for a blanket. I've also been trying to get my 10,000 steps a day over the past few weeks, to make sure I am fit and healthy for having my hysterectomy and to make up for the fact I'll be less mobile for a bit. I've only ever managed four days in a row of 10,000 steps before, but at the time I'm writing this I have done ten days in a row, and I've also hit at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day for those 10 days too! And I also celebrated my final period with lots of chocolate, wine, biscuits, face mask, nice shower gel, a candle, a hot water bottle, and a snuggle with my cuddly uterus!

28 October 2017


After being diagnosed with fibroids earlier in the year, I'm having a hysterectomy today! When I saw the consultant after being diagnosed, and asked what my options were, he said, "Well, that depends how attached you are to your uterus!". I said that at my age it is unlikely I'll have any use for it, so just to go ahead and whip it out!

I'll be in hospital for a few days, then at my parents' house for a bit after I get out of hospital, so I'm going to take a wee break from the blog for at least part of November. 

In the meantime, I should still be posting to Instagram (because I have such a backlog of photos that I haven't got round to posting there!). So head over there to keep up with what I'm doing.

I've got a big pile of books to read, plenty of small crafts to keep me going, colouring books, Copic markers and sketchpads, DVDs, and much more, so I should not get too bored during my recuperation!

26 October 2017

Coffee morning and mocktails

We've had a couple of fun events for staff at work recently - a lunchtime mocktail making session, and a Macmillan coffee morning. I really enjoyed both of these, and the goodies on offer at each were very photogenic (and delicious!). And whoever made the pear and ginger muffins - I'd love the recipe for those!

23 October 2017

Edinburgh with Kate

Two years ago I went on a tour of Italy, and the tour group consisted of 35 Americans... and me! At first this felt a little strange, especially when the tour manager made a big deal out of having me introduce myself to the group, but everyone really took me under their wing, and one of those I became particularly friendly with was Kate. We have kept in touch through Facebook since then, and we have so much in common, so, when she was coming on a tour of Scotland we just had to arrange to meet up!
It's always difficult to choose what parts of Edinburgh to show to a visitor, but luckily Kate and I like the same sort of things so I took her to all my favourite spots!
We spent an afternoon looking around some of the Old Town, had a look at some of my favourite streets Ramsay Garden and Victoria Street, saw Greyfriars Bobby, and went up to the museum roof terrace to look at the views. 
Then we spent a whole day walking from Kate's hotel on the Royal Mile, along Princes Street and down to Dean Village, lunch at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, along the Water of Leith, and back via Stockbridge and Circus Lane.
It was wonderful spending time with Kate, and I thoroughly enjoyed showing her some of the sights of Edinburgh. And being with someone who hasn't visited Edinburgh before helped me to see it with new eyes and spot details that I hadn't seen before!


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