19 January 2018

Chalk art

Before Christmas I got some more chalk pencils, so I was able to do some Christmas themed chalk art on my little blackboard, and then of course I had to change it to a new year theme! One of the books I bought after Christmas, Creative Lettering and Beyond, has lots of ideas that will help me with my chalk lettering.

16 January 2018

Doodle / activity books

I've found that doodle, colouring and activity books are a great way of relaxing and occupying yourself when you are stuck in the house, stuck at your desk at lunchtime, or on a train or plane.

Doodle books:
Flying Tiger is a great source of these! They consist of photos or drawings on top of which you can add your own doodles. It's a great way of exercising your creativity.

Another type of doodle book is Hirameki, which consists of ink blots that you doodle on top of.
Colouring books:
There are so many colouring books on the market, and on so many different themes! Choose a theme that particularly appeals to you - I like ones based on a Japanese theme. I particularly like colouring postcards, because they are compact and easy to use - no struggling to get to the centre edges of the page!
If you're colouring at home you can use a huge box of pencils for maximum choice of colours. But for colouring out and about use a small tub of tiny pencils, or a pack of double-ended pencils.

Activity books:
There are lots of craft books around, but particularly useful for this purpose are those that require few materials, and have projects that take only a few minutes. I found origami to be perfect for this, because all you need is a pack of origami paper, which you could tuck inside the cover of the book. And many finished origami models are flat and can be placed inside the book for safe keeping.
Also great is this lettering book, Creative Lettering and Beyond, which has pages on which you can practice your own lettering.

 And the Paper Lovers books from Kikki K have envelopes, gift tags, and other shapes, that you can press out and construct.

13 January 2018

Post-Christmas purchases

After Christmas I had a few trips to the town centre and to Edinburgh where I was able to spend my Christmas money. Here's what I got.
Secret Edinburgh: An Unusual Guide is a great wee book that will be perfect for putting in my handbag when I'm exploring. It actually has a lot of Edinburgh places in it that I didn't know about! Hygge and Kisses I just bought for the cover and the Hygge theme (it was particularly appropriate as it was snowing heavily that day!). It was harmless enough but a bit predictable.
From the Fruitmarket Gallery where I got the Secret Edinburgh book, I also got an enamel pin by Ustudio Design, and a gorgeous postcard with an illustration from a Japanese matchbox label.

I got some clothes - a black jacket, black pencil skirt, and cream blouse with a bow, as these were items that I felt I needed for my capsule wardrobe, and a Seasalt dress that I found cheap in a charity shop! It's a summer dress, so it could be a while until I can wear it!

I also got a peg/letter board, which was something I'd been wanting. It was reduced in the sales, and I have a bit of a crafty idea for it. Also reduced in the sales I got The New Vegan by Aine Carlin. I already have another book by her that I like, and, although I'm not eating completely vegan this January, I still like to eat a lot of vegan food.

From Eteaket in Edinburgh I got some delicious Earl Grey tea and a badge.

And I did some online shopping for books, getting The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees, How to Bullet Plan by Rachel Wilkerson Miller, and Creative Lettering and Beyond.

10 January 2018

Christmas presents

I got some great presents this year, and I love how there is a colour scheme to them! I already mentioned the pen cases, but I also got a lovely book about Lagom, The Hedgerow Handbook, a set of Cath Kidston sewing books, damson gin, some chocolates, a mug with toiletries, and a plant in a hedgehog pot!

07 January 2018

Pen cases

When Mum asked for an idea of what to get me for Christmas, these pen cases were what I came up with. They had been on my wishlist for a while.

My Copic marker collection had been growing. The ones I'd bought to begin with came in a plastic box, but those I'd bought since were expanding beyond the mug I was keeping them in.
I also had a tin full of various pens, including my growing collection of Tombow brush pens. I really needed a way to organise all these pens and the various fine-liners which I had in a pencil case, and the Pitt brush pens I had in another plastic box.

I got two cases. The first has four zipped compartments, and is great for most of my pens. The only problem is that the elastic is quite tight and close together, so some pens need to be spaced out a bit.

The second case has larger elastic and is designed for marker pens, so this is where I have all my Copic and Promarker markers, along with a few Crayola markers that were too big to go in the other case. This marker case has velcro on the sides, so it can open out flat.

It was fun arranging all the pens in rainbow order. Now I can carry my pens around with me, and I can immediately find what I'm looking for! And I think I will make better use of pens that I had forgotten about.

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