22 September 2018

Penguin drawings

My visits to the penguin parade in Dundee were the perfect excuse for another drawing in my Moleskine. Although the penguins themselves were so colourful, I think it works well having them in monochrome. And I had to laugh when I looked at the photos below - I hadn't realised I'd lined up the penguin figure with the feet in the drawing!

20 September 2018

Penguin books

You've got to love the design of a vintage Penguin book, especially the orange ones! I've picked up a few recently. I've always meant to read Miss Read, because I am Miss Reid! I loved The Day of the Triffids when I read it at the age of about 9, so I'm really looking forward to reading it again! And I plan to read all of Josephine Tey's books, including The Daughter of Time which I've already read a few years ago.


18 September 2018

Open/Close mural trail

The Open/Close mural trails in Dundee are something I've been wanting to do for a while. I bought the maps at DCA a while ago, and finally during my summer holidays I went to explore some of the murals. I followed the city centre map, so I still have the Stobswell one to go back and look at another time!

My recent purchase of a pink denim jacket (£2.50 from my local charity shop!) turned out to be the perfect choice of outfit as it matched some of the murals and contrasted well with the others. I also wore some Dundee-themed pins including one by Whimsical Lush which I was able to photograph beside her mural!

The other pins I wore were a Dundee cake by Louise Kirby, an orange representing marmalade, and a lemon representing the Jif lemon tree.

I also visited Oh Hello Vintage, and got some photos of the mural there too.

The murals all make great selfie spots, and they really brighten up the doorways that they are painted in.


15 September 2018

Perth penguins

The Maggies Penguin Trail penguins are mostly in Dundee, but there are a few scattered about in other towns around the area. I just happened to spot most of the Perth ones when I was there for the day!

Not a penguin!

Not a penguin either!

13 September 2018

Zoo penguins

Since it's penguin month here on emuse, I thought it would be fun to look back at some photos of real penguins that I took at Edinburgh Zoo earlier this year! It was winter when I visited, so a lot of animals were not being very active. But the penguins were the exception to that!

I loved watching them move underwater, but it was so difficult to photograph them - most of my pictures were of their back ends!

As well as real penguins, there were penguin Chinese lanterns, and an elephant sculpture painted in penguin colours!

10 September 2018

Glasgow colour walk

Just over a week ago I took part in one of the best events I've ever been to - the Glasgow colour walk organised by In Colourful Company. I'd looked on enviously when these happened in other cities, so when I found there was going to be one in Scotland I immediately put it on my calendar (and started planning an outfit!).

We were meeting at Partick station, which was somewhere I'd never been before, so I was relieved when I got there and immediately saw Tracy (@aspiedoodles) who turned out to be just as lovely in real life as she is online!

Our first stop was SWG3 which has loads of amazing murals which made fantastic backgrounds for our photos. We then went to The Hidden Lane, which has been on my list of places to visit for ages, and I'll have to go back as I didn't even explore any of the shops! We stopped off at Tantrum Doughnuts, where I had one of the best doughnuts I've ever tasted (somewhere else I need to go back to, and soon!), then ended up with a pinata bash beside another mural.

We got many smiles, waves, toots from passing cars, and questions from curious passers-by along the way. I really loved the old couple on the vintage bus who waved at us and took our photo!

I met so many amazing people on the walk. Everyone was really happy and chatty, and I felt really at ease in their company. I know that a lot of people (like me) were a bit nervous about going along and meeting new people, and I hope they all enjoyed it just as much as I did. And apologies to those I haven't done a collage photo of in this post - I loved you all but I came home with more photos of some people than others! There are more photos on Dropbox here.

And the goodie bag - wow!!! This was a free event, so those donating to the goodie bag were just doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, and they were so amazingly generous! I waited until I got home to open mine, and I was almost moved to tears by the generosity of those who had contributed!

Thanks so much to the organisers of the walk - you took us to wonderful, colourful places!

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