18 November 2018

Charm jewellery workshop

Last month I went to a great jewellery making workshop held by Nikki McWilliams. This workshop was the brainchild of Nikki, who is best known for her biscuit cushions and pins, Rachel of Oh No Rachio, and Kim of Finest Imaginary, collectively known by their combined name of Oh No Finest Biscuit, and they run the class in various places either together or individually. I'd seen lots of the In Colourful Company crowd with these charm necklaces, so I swore that if the workshop came to Scotland I'd go along! I couldn't make it to the evening one in Glasgow the day before the In Colourful Company walk, but this one of Nikki's in Alloa was perfect for me!
Nikki had a wonderful setup in her workshop, with a large table in a bright room, and the four of us who were taking the class really enjoyed ourselves. It was fun to dig through the tubs of charms to find the perfect ones to represent our personalities, in the perfect colour schemes, and then decorate them with a bit of acrylic paint and attach them to a chain to make a necklace or bracelet. And there was even time to make a keyring/bullet journal charm too! I'd so enjoyed the Pistachio and Hibiscus doughnut from Tantrum Doughnuts on the colour walk, that I painted one of my charms to represent it!
Nikki being Nikki, there were of course some lovely biscuits and cakes provided! And while the cats did not make an appearance during the workshop we did get a peek at them as we left! There was also an opportunity to do a bit of shopping - Nikki had her lovely cushions and pins on display in the room we were working in, and we were allowed to have a rake through her Nikki's Supply Store stock! We all went home with our wallets somewhat lighter after that!

15 November 2018

Bullet journal ideas: Stickers, stamps and charms

I've been gathering so many fun stickers recently, so I decided to use them to fill up the back page and pocket of my bullet journal - it's full up already so I'll have to start another page! As well as stickers that I've bought or been given, I have quite the knack of carefully peeling stickers off packaging so that I can stick them in my bullet journal or my diary!
I recently made this bullet journal charm, in shades to match my journal, at a charm jewellery workshop with Nikki McWilliams - more on that in a few days' time! And the stickers I've added to the back of my journal are by her too!
I discovered I had quite a collection of Christmas stamps, so I created a display of these in my bullet journal.

And my inspiration page contains lots of stickers!

13 November 2018

Bullet journal ideas: Doodles

I've seen a lot of people doing "doodle a day" pages in their bullet journals. I knew I was too busy to stick to doing a doodle on a daily basis, so instead I set up a doodle page with no set timescale!

11 November 2018

Bullet journal ideas: Washi lines

This is a great way to keep track of all your washi tapes - creating washing lines of them! I have this at the back of my bullet journal beside my pen tests so that it's easy to find.
Originally I just had one page of washi lines, but I filled it up so I've expanded to a second page, by simply continuing the lines over onto another page. If you like you can write under each washi tape the name of the designer, manufacturer, or supplier, so that if you need to stock up you know what you're looking for! 
I love how the washi tapes look all together like this, and it helps to remind me of the ones I haven't used very often.

08 November 2018

Bullet journal ideas: Could-do lists

Could-do lists are an idea that I got from The Simple Things magazine, which has a monthly could-do list at the start of the magazine. I then saw Elsie Larson doing something similar with her autumn bucket list after she and her husband adopted their daughter Nova. 
A could-do list is a more chilled-out version of a to-do list, just a list of ideas that would be fun to do that season but without any pressure to actually do them.
I created a page in my bullet journal for each season, using a colour that makes me think of that season, and adding some illustrations particular to the season.
I then started a list of things that I enjoy doing in that season or would like to try. Some seasons are not very full of ideas yet, which is great because it gives me lots of space to add ideas as I think of them. I added checkboxes but will just tick these off in pencil each year so that the lists will be reusable!

06 November 2018

Autumn in Dollar

My failed first attempt to visit Cowden Garden (forgot my purse) led to an exploration of Dollar itself instead, which could be done for free! I had a wander up and down the little stream, and ventured to the edge of Dollar Glen (didn't have the right shoes on for a more in-depth exploration of that!).
It was the perfect sunny autumnal day, with the leaves turning glorious colours, and it's a lovely place to look around, so I was glad that my 45 minute drive hadn't been a waste after all!

04 November 2018

Sunday self-portraits: Autumn garden

When I went to see the autumn leaves at Cowden Japanese Garden, I deliberately wore my yellow coat and beret so that I could take some self-portraits against the colourful leaves.

Since I visited Japan in 2006, wearing a pink jacket, I've always had the theory that I should wear a bright coat when going interesting places, so that I can pick myself out in other people's photos. This had the unexpected benefit on this occasion of me being approached by a freelance press photographer who wanted to take lots of photos of me against the red acer tree. You can see some of her photos on the Cowden Garden Facebook page:

01 November 2018

Cowden Garden in autumn

During my October holidays the autumn leaves were as spectacular as I've ever seen them. One sunny lunchtime I suddenly decided to head to the Japanese garden at Cowden, 45 minutes away. It wasn't until I saw the sign to turn off that I remembered my purse was in my living room and I wouldn't be able to pay the entrance fee!
But every cloud has a silver lining, as the following morning the weather was still lovely and I was the first to arrive at the garden so had it to myself for a while.
Visiting this garden, with its colourful trees, curved bridge, and perfectly reflecting water, was the next best thing to being in Japan in autumn, as you can see from the photo above!

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