24 February 2020

Recently thrifted

I’ve been trying to cut down on my clothes spending since I participated in Secondhand September. From September to December I didn’t buy any clothing other than a few pairs of tights. I allowed myself a little splurge after Christmas and bought a dress from Zuri Kenya, which was expensive but ethically produced. I also did a bit of charity shop shopping.

I got two items that I love, both from the same shop, and both monochrome. The houndstooth check dungarees needed a little sewing adjustment, as the straps didn’t extend quite as long as I needed them. But it was a simple thing to do. The spotty t-shirt is a Marimekko/Uniqlo one, both brands that I have been interested in for a while but never bought anything by.

I’ve been wearing the dungarees lots since I got them. They go well with a thin jumper in autumnal tones that I got for Christmas. I have only worn the t-shirt once so far, because it’s not been warm enough to do so, but I know it’s something I’ll get a lot of wear out of once the weather gets warmer.

I also bought a dress to wear at New Year. It's got a bit of a revealing neckline, so needs a vest underneath! It's also very short. I probably won't keep it long-term, but I like the combination of fabrics so I'll wear it a few more times before taking it back to the charity shop (I suppose I can think of it as renting a dress for a while!).

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