14 October 2019

Eco beauty buys

In September, as well as avoiding buying clothes, I didn’t do much spending at all. I bought some supplied for hanging my art in an exhibition, but, other than that, all my non-food purchases were on an eco friendly theme. Here they are, along with a few others I’d bought before September. 
I’d already bought the Lush shampoo bars and conditioner bar, and bought the tins during September. I’m going on holiday soon and wanted to be able to take a shampoo bar with me easily. 

I didn’t get on well with the Lush conditioner bar, so I treated myself to Ethique’s The Guardian conditioner bar from Holland and Barret. It’s not that cheap, but they had a special offer to get a second one half-price, so I got two. I’m also keen to try a conditioner bar a friend loved that’s sold at a local farm shop. 
When I was ordering my Lush tins, I also sneaked in one of their lovely furoshiki wrapping cloths. I have a couple of Japanese furoshiki already, and lots of scarves that I could also use, and I hope to try out some wrapping techniques later in the month. Furoshiki are a great way of avoiding using wrapping paper. 

I’ve had the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co hand cream bar for a while, but I wanted to include it here as it’s another example of a good eco swap. 

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