30 May 2019

This month I have been mostly...

It's been a busy month of thrifting, with two days at the Christian Aid book sale, a car boot sale in between, and the Colonies yard sale the following week. I've also been keeping up with my running, although it's harder to find time for these longer runs. I'm working my way through the Bridge to 10k podcasts, and I'm now running about 8k (OK, so some of that is walking!). I also started a 100 day project.

I finished watching Follow the Money, and am hooked on The Looming Tower and Cardinal. I enjoyed Lucy Worsley's Victoria and Albert: The Royal Wedding and was pleased she got a BAFTA for her Suffragettes programme. My keyword recording for Japan on my TiVo went a bit crazy since I'm now getting the NHK channel, it was recording about 30 things a day so I had to delete the keyword! I am enjoying the channel though.

I had a few days holiday from work and spent some of that in a deckchair reading Fever of the Bone by Val McDermid.

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Jenna H. said...

I have been doing a lot of thrifting this month too! It has been so nice, as I was unable to do much when I was in school :)
Jenna ♥
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