13 May 2018

Beach marbles

One of my favourite things to find on the beach is a marble, and it’s got to the stage where I’m not satisfied unless I come home with either a marble or a stopper!

I hadn’t found any marbles at all before the start of last month, but one of my Instagram contacts said just to keep looking and I would find them in the most unlikely places. Mostly they seem to be lurking in plain sight, and I always wonder why no-one else has found them! One of my most successful marble-finding days was when I found three within one minute! Then a few weeks later I found three on one beach, two on the next, and a partial one on a third beach!

There are two types of marbles that I’ve found. The first is the common or garden toy marble that you’ll already be familiar with, which have a swirl of colour through the middle. 

The other type is called a Codd marble, after a drinks manufacturer. These marbles were used in glass drinks bottles to seal in the carbonation. They are usually pale green and are all one colour with no swirl.

I love both types of marbles and they look lovely displayed together.

1 comment:

Juju said...

I've never collected marbles on the beach before. Perhaps I shall keep my eyes peeled next time I go!

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