07 January 2018

Pen cases

When Mum asked for an idea of what to get me for Christmas, these pen cases were what I came up with. They had been on my wishlist for a while.

My Copic marker collection had been growing. The ones I'd bought to begin with came in a plastic box, but those I'd bought since were expanding beyond the mug I was keeping them in.
I also had a tin full of various pens, including my growing collection of Tombow brush pens. I really needed a way to organise all these pens and the various fine-liners which I had in a pencil case, and the Pitt brush pens I had in another plastic box.

I got two cases. The first has four zipped compartments, and is great for most of my pens. The only problem is that the elastic is quite tight and close together, so some pens need to be spaced out a bit.

The second case has larger elastic and is designed for marker pens, so this is where I have all my Copic and Promarker markers, along with a few Crayola markers that were too big to go in the other case. This marker case has velcro on the sides, so it can open out flat.

It was fun arranging all the pens in rainbow order. Now I can carry my pens around with me, and I can immediately find what I'm looking for! And I think I will make better use of pens that I had forgotten about.


Juju said...

Very organised!

Emma said...

Thank you! It really is much easier to find the pen I'm looking for now :)

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