26 December 2017

Pin purchases

When I was off work last month I couldn't get out to do much shopping so I found myself browsing and buying online! Here are some lovely pins that I bought.

The Bunnygirl pin by Holly Jayne is one that I've had on my wishlist pretty much since I started collecting pins, so this was the perfect time to treat myself. I love her cute face and the rose-gold finish. Because the pin was cheaply priced and the postage from Australia reasonable, it cost less than most pins I buy from the UK!

The vintage Tupperware pin was from Dirt & Truth, an Instagram pop-up shop. I also got a couple of freebie pins from them, and the collaged envelope was the best ever! Having grown up with lots of Tupperware in my house, including the Quick Shake container commemorated on the pin, I just had to have it!

The silver jumper pin by Hello Sunshine is the perfect way to accessorise my winter uniform of Scandi jumpers.
Yellow Coat Crew pin by Wren & Wilson was a second, but I actually forgot that until I went to leave my review, because it looks perfect to me! With it and the jumper pin and my previously bought Dungaree Appreciation Society one by Zabby Allen, nearly all my standard wardrobe items are covered - all I need is a stripey top pin now!
Although turquoise is one of my favourite colours, I didn't have any pins this colour until I got this heart pin by heartzeena. Again, I'm loving the rose gold!

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