03 October 2017

Glenwood Community Engagement Day

The part of town that I live in has high poverty rates, a shopping centre with many closed shops, and a library that closed earlier this year. But there is a project going on to try to improve the area, and this event a few weeks ago was part of it. There was free food, the charity shop was giving away excess stock, there were stalls by lots of local organisations, and it was just a really colourful, vibrant day - sadly not words that are often used about this community. 
It has left me feeling a bit more positive about how things will progress in this area. It was great to meet and chat with lots of people, and see so many smiling faces, and a great opportunity to get some photos of my local community.
I had a free roll on sliced sausage and onion, free cake, free tea (in a free mug), and came home with free clothes and fabric, a free plate, plenty of free pens and a free candle, and a painted stone that I'll share later in the week!
It just so happened that there were lots of people dressed in turquoise to perfectly match my blog's colour scheme!

And it was a great opportunity to get some photos of the murals and poetry stones!

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