10 September 2017

Crafting with my nephew

My brother and sister-in-law and my two nephews visited recently, and one day I was asked if I could bring some craft materials along to my mum and dad's house so that my older nephew could make some cards for the staff at his nursery (since he was leaving to start school). I filled a box with some coloured card, card blanks, glue, punches, stamps and ink pads, and took them along with me.
It was great fun crafting with my nephew. He loved using the stamps and ink pads, and sticking on the punched shapes. I actually think he has a really good eye for placing things in a pleasing and balanced way! And he came up with the idea all by himself of using two inks at the same time on the stamp.
I think if I was to do this again I'd put some newspaper over the table to help with cleaning up, and I'd only bring one stamp pad as the colours can get a bit mixed.

He also enjoyed some spiral and zigzag shapes I cut from the card, which became a family of snakes and a crocodile's mouth!

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