27 July 2017

A visit to Ikea

I'm giving my living room a makeover, so a trip to Ikea was in order! Luckily Dad volunteered to take me and Mum (which is pretty unheard of, usually he has to be dragged there!). Because they don't have a huge car now, like they did when I first decorated my house, this was more of a recce mission to check out the items I fancied, and pick up some smaller things.
Mum and Dad settled down for a coffee while I explored upstairs. I've always done this with their company in the past, so it was a bit strange to do so on my own! I always like to see the room settings as it gives me ideas. I had a look at the shelving units I fancied (white Kallax units to replace the black shelving units I have), and confirmed that they were what I wanted. I'm glad that I went to the store rather than just looking online, as I came across the perfect extendable dining table in store, which was brand-new and not even listed on the website yet!
After looking around, I joined Mum and Dad for a bit of a Danish pastry, then we headed downstairs. With Mum's help I eventually decided on the perfect rug, and it wasn't too expensive. I also got a throw, and a white uplighter to replace my black one. As well as all the other random things like a glass, a tray, napkins, picture frames, etc.

I didn't pick out my furniture when we were at the store, as I had another week at work before I could get things delivered. Because the table was not on the website, I phoned the store to ask what to do, and it turned out I could just email my list to the store directly and get them to pick the furniture. After some emails back and forward it was all sorted out, and I'm looking forward to my finished living room!

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