18 June 2017

The Simple Things

One of my favourite magazines is The Simple Things. It really appeals to me because it's about appreciating the little things in life, taking things slowly, loving nature and food, and so on. It's the first magazine in years that I've actually subscribed to, because it was getting to be a pain trying to find it in the shops, and I really love seeing it on the doormat every month.

The covers are very photogenic, and lots of people share photos of their copies of the magazine on Instagram. Each month in the magazine they share some of the Instagram photos. I took a photo of the May issue along with some lovely flowers a colleague had given me, when I had helped out with a sudden deluge in her room, and the magazine contacted me asking if they could use my photo - it was really fun seeing it in the June edition!

And below you can see some other photos I've taken of the magazine covers!

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