20 March 2017

Instagram Authority course

Last month I decided I wanted to improve my Instagram strategy, so I had a look online and found the free Instagram Authority course by Alex Tooby.

I was really impressed with the course, which gave me lots of ideas of how I could improve my Instagram presence. It really got me thinking a lot more strategically about my use of Instagram.

I like the fact that the emails arrive over the course of a week, so it spreads the work out and doesn’t give you the chance to try to do everything at once! And there’s a FaceBook group so you can interact with others who are doing the course.

It’s a course I’d really recommend, and the best thing is that it’s free!

In a few days' time I will tell you more about how I’ve improved my Instagram strategy, and what effect it has had.

Or if you want to check out my Instagram straight away, it's here!

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