02 September 2016


There were some high winds here last month, which is quite unusual in the summer, and part of one of my trees came down!
I think it's a willow tree, and it's pretty tall. I had really been meaning to have this particular overhanging branch cut off, but the wind did it for me!

At first I could not even get out the gate, the whole gate area was full of tree! I had to cut a small tunnel so I could get outside, and then I cut what I could leaving the large branch. So there are no before pictures, just ones during the process.
The next day Dad came to help me with the remaining part of the large branch. Luckily it was bin day, so I was able to get rid of a lot of waste, by cramming some into my own bins, and quickly adding some to the neighbours' bins as the bin lorry was coming along the street!

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