27 August 2016

Appreciating your town

Glenrothes is one of those places that doesn’t have a great reputation for beauty (in fact, it won the 2009 Carbuncle Award!). But I like to find the hidden beauty and appreciate the interesting things in my surroundings, so I’ve done lots of projects related to my home town – I’ve written a local history booklet, drawn a postcard design, designed some retro postcards, done drawings in my Moleskine, taken lots and lots of photos of architecture, nature, and town art, and I have ideas for lots more projects!

So how can you gain an appreciation of your own town, especially if it’s not that special? Here are some hints and tips!

Do... some drawings

Go... on a nature walk

Exhibit... at a local craft fair (bonus points if you sell items inspired by your town!)

Support... local independent shops

Visit... charity shops or car boot sales

Write... about your town (this could be fiction or non-fiction)

Look... for cool murals or graffiti

Find out... about your town’s history by visiting libraries

Get involved... with local projects or campaigns or protests

Create... some guerrilla art

Improve... your surroundings (even if it's just your own garden)

Go... geocaching

Play... Pokemon Go

Get on... your bike

For more ideas, see my post on how to be a tourist in your own town

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