07 March 2016

Bamboo steamer shelves

While tidying my craft room I came across a bamboo steamer I’d bought secondhand with thoughts of using it to store small items such as sewing materials. I hadn’t got round to using it for this, and was debating whether to keep it. I then remembered I’d seen online and loved some stylish circular shelves made from old cheese boxes, and had always wanted to try this myself.
Five minutes later, I had some circular shelves of my own hanging on my bedroom wall!
While they will hang from a nail, I would recommend doing what I did, and make a loop of wire around the slats at the back. This means it will hang more securely. I also added a blob of museum wax under the ornaments so they would sit on the curved surface without wobbling – another idea is to add a small strip of wood to give a flat surface for items to sit on.
I love that the bamboo slats give the shelves a real Japanese feel. They would also look great painted, but I love the natural look they have when unpainted.


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