24 December 2015

A Scandi Christmas

Last winter I searched in vain for a white Christmas tree that I liked and that wasn't too expensive, both before Christmas and in the sales, and didn't find anything. This summer, I found one at a car boot sale for only a few pounds!
This is the first time that I've had a full-sized tree! Since my student years I've had a little green tree a couple of feet high, in a burlap sack base, and I've been happy with that up until now. But it's great to have a bigger tree to decorate.
My only worry was whether I would have enough decorations to fill the tree, and, if I did, whether the decorations would match. Luckily I found a bag of silver and red decorations my mum had given me a few years ago, then I added various other matching decorations - a crocheted owl by my friend Ingrid and knitted Dala horse by my friend Jane, my Scandinavian-style red and white Hama bead decorations, a few Japanese dolls, some Ikea heart decorations, and a couple of decorations I got in Austria many years ago. On top of the tree I put a paper geisha that I made. I love that the tree has some items that have sentimental meaning but still has a coherent colour scheme.
I decided to position the tree in my porch area, which was renovated last year, as the white tree looked so good there and would be the first thing I see when I come in the door. I added a white Dala horse with a decoration around its neck, some tiny dolls that I made this year from a kit from Tiger, my Ikea tree that I painted white, with some red heart lights that were in the bag of decorations from Mum, the stocking I've had since I was wee, and a Scandinavian doll I found in a charity shop years ago.

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