30 October 2015

This month I have been mostly...

To Tuscany and the Italian Riviera! So I hope to show you some of my photos next month! Meanwhile, here I am looking very chic and continental, and attempting (and failing) to do pouty serious looks!

I've been reading some books related to the area I went on holiday, and I'll tell you a bit about them in a few weeks.

Don't Stop Me Now, and Hold My Hand, at Rock Choir!

I've been catching up on some of the items from the BBC's Make It Digital season. My TiVo was looking very geeky for a while with all the programmes about Ada Lovelace (my new hero!), algorithms, coding, Bletchley Park, etc, as well as the other things I'd recorded such as a Horizon episode about creativity, a documentary about Escher (whose work I'd recently seen an exhibition of), and a documentary about cosmonauts that I'd seen before but wanted to watch again as it was so good.

I also watched a very moving documentary, Seven Songs for a Long Life, which is well worth a watch if you can see it. I didn't really mean to watch it, as I thought that a film about the residents and staff of a hospice might be a bit depressing, but I just happened to have the TV on and was drawn in by the beautiful singing and the wonderful people. It was actually quite uplifting!

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Fifilatrixabel said...

Loving the look and the Tivo list. Wish I could catch some of those myself!

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