19 October 2015

Recently thrifted

Here are some really fun items I've bought secondhand recently!

Isn't this dress-up doll amazing! I found it in my local charity shop. It's so retro and stylish! I think I may have had one of these at one time. It got the ladies who work in the shop reminiscing about how they loved to play with dress-up dolls. I'm now contemplating making my own outfits for this doll!

The Miffy bag in the top picture was found on my only trip to the car boot sale with my parents this year (poor weather had kept us away). I also bought a Miffy bowl, which had come from Japan.

This teeny Shaker box is lovely, and the wood is so smooth and silky! I bought it at the same time as the vintage Heathergems brooch, again at my local charity shop, and the purchase came to a grand total of £1!

And there have been some amazing clothing buys too (including a whole outfit for £2!), but these will, I'm sure, make it into some future self-portraits!

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