14 October 2015

My collections: Zines

I thought it would be fun to show you my zine collection. I only started collecting zines in recent years. Above are some of the more random zines in my collection! I love that the story of my zine collecting is also connected to many of the friendships I've made in recent years. Read on to find out more!

Although I did have a couple of hand-produced booklets on wholefoods from back in the 1980s, I think the real beginning of my zine collection was when I did some Illustration summer school courses at Edinburgh College of Art. Part of each course involved making your own little zine, and we made extras and swapped them among each other. Here are the zines from the first course, with those by two of my Japanese friends, Miki and Maki, at the top, two by me at the bottom right, and the one with the shadowy lettering is by my friend Marie-Noelle. It's fascinating to see the different ideas we all came up with from an initial brief of "My Kind of Day".
I especially love this one by Maki, about a day in the life of a speck of dust!
I'm really pleased to still be in touch with these friends from my first time at summer school, and I met up with Miki and Maki when I visited Japan, as well as another friend from art college, Kaori. And Sayoko is another friend from that first time at art college.

After that, I happened to be at a craft fair at a library in Glasgow where Marceline was selling some of her zines about Japan, and this was an important moment in starting me zine collecting, because I realised that I could find zines on my favourite subjects. Then Marceline held a zine-making workshop, which I attended with my friend Aurora. Here are some zines I have by Marceline:
Aurora and I became friends after meeting on Flickr - I loved the little cartoons of Edinburgh life she drew, and commented on them, and soon after that we met for tea! We share a love of Japan. And when I went to my second Illustration summer school we were in class together. These are some zines by Aurora:

 Most of my zine collection is zines about Japan! Here they are:


And these are two tiny zines about Japan I made at Marceline's zine-making workshop. I didn't ever publish them, but I did publish a handful of copies of a larger zine about Japan.

I also have some of Andrea Joseph's zines. I have followed her work for many years since first coming across her on Flickr.
I buy most of my zines from Etsy. I love all the fun little things that come along with the zines I buy, and I keep them all in an envelope.

And here's how I store my zine collection (not very exciting, I'm afraid!). 

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