01 June 2015

Vintage style 40th birthday card

This is an easy way of making a classy card for any age. You'll need a childhood photo of the recipient. I used one of my favourite photos of my brother, which is of him using a camera on a caravan holiday.
1. Convert your photo to black and white, leaving some parts of the image in colour. There are instructions online for doing this in most photo editing software.

2. Stick the photo to a card blank.

3. Add number stickers in a matching colour (I rubbed an ink pad over my stickers to make them a suitable colour.

1 comment:

benilhalk said...

I adore your work from the bottom of my heart. This vintage style 40th birthday card is way to pretty. Thanks for giving me this idea for my dad’s birthday. I want to host dad’s 50th birthday party at some outdoor venues in Chicago.

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