15 June 2015

Spa in the City part 2

After enjoying Spa in the City so much, I headed back for more the following weekend when it was based at the west end of Princes Street outside The Huxley. The setup was quite different from at St Andrews Square - this time you booked your treatments at the registration desk (which meant the queue moved very slowly!) and there was a treatment tent somewhere round the corner (which I didn't see because I booked an in-store treatment). You could also only book one treatment, not two.

The queue had already started to form when I arrived about 45 minutes before the start, and there was a chilly wind. I stood in the queue for over an hour. I had to decide between the two treatments I really fancied, which were an Aveda massage, and a Benefit eye makeup lesson. I chose the Benefit one because it said you would get a goodie bag. I picked a 5.15pm appointment, because I had some other things I was planning to do during the day.

I arrived a bit early for my appointment, so first I bought some shampoo at the Aveda counter, then checked in with the Spa in the City folks. I was given a seat at the Benefit counter. The girl who was going to do my makeup was not there yet, and the other girl at the counter sent somebody to find her when she saw I'd been waiting a while. Then the Aveda lady came over and offered me their treatment while I was waiting! So I got both my choices of treatment after all!

She sprayed me with a scented mist, then used a blue oil to massage my neck and head, and also massaged my back. It was just what I needed after a long day in the city, and it was made all the more special by the fact it was an unexpected treat. I felt really relaxed afterwards.

Although it had been advertised as an eye makeup lesson, the Benefit girl really just did my eye makeup without much instruction as to how I would do it myself. She did tell me all the products she was using, though, and, when I asked, gave me some tips on mascara application. At the end I asked about the goodie bag, but was told that was only if you bought two items, so that was slightly disappointing as there was nothing I was planning to buy at that moment. I did quite like the colour of eyeshadow she used on me, a bronzey metallic brown, which was called Birthday Suit.

Not much in the way of good photos for this post, I'm afraid! Just a couple of train selfies with my eye makeup on!

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