23 May 2015

Have a Great Bearthday card

My Mum loves space, so it's surprising that I haven't made a space-themed card for her before! The idea for this card came from seeing some embroideries online of constellations, displayed in embroidery hoops. I thought of the Great Bear as an iconic constellation, then the "Great Bearthday" greeting for inside the card popped into my mind, which I thought was quite appropriate because my nephew has been referred to as Baby Bear, which certainly makes my mum Great Bear!

1. Draw a circle on plain paper, cut it out and draw a sketch of your constellation on it.
2. Cut a circle of navy or black card of the same size, and use the plain paper copy and a pin (or other sharp object) to make holes at the locations of the stars.
3. Sew the stars with a few strands of embroidery thread - I used a pale blue.
4. Sew the lines of the constellation with a single strand of embroidery thread - I used pale grey.
5. Add some random stars using a white or silver pen.

6. Stick the circle to the front of the card, and add the greeting "Have a Great Bearthday" inside using stamps.

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