02 September 2014

Multipurpose folding pinboard

Continuing my week of posts about photo backdrops, here’s my multipurpose folding pinboard! I used it for the background of the photo above.

I’d had two large pinboards on my walls before I redecorated my craft room, and they were too useful to throw out, but I didn’t want to put them back on the walls. So this is what I did!

1. I bought some hinges, and positioned them with masking tape.
2. I drilled holes at the ends of the hinges and screwed them in place.
3. I removed the masking tape and did the same for the middle holes.

Now I have a folding pinboard that’s easy to store and serves a multitude of uses!
1. A backdrop for photos – I can pin or drape fabric over it.
2. A display board for craft fairs
3. A temporary inspiration board for creating moodboards for a project
4. A light blocking device when taking photos of reflective objects
5. A light reflector for photography, if I pin tinfoil to it

And it probably has even more uses that I haven’t thought of!

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