20 July 2014

Faux enamelled pendant

A couple of years ago I made some sketches of Glasgow School of Art, Charles Rennie Mackintosh's most famous building, and came up with some jewellery designs inspired by these sketches, but until now I hadn't turned any of them into real jewellery. One of the ideas was a pendant based on the lantern outside the main entrance, and I have now made this design from polymer clay.

Here's how I made it:
1. Mould white polymer clay into a flattened square shape

2. Poke two holes through 

3. Use an oval bead to make a depression in the surface

5. Use a knife to cut lines between the depression and the top

6. Break up some blue clay and mix it with liquid clay

7. Paint this into the depression and bake the bead 

8. Varnish over the blue area. I also sanded the bead with quite coarse sandpaper to give a matt effect.

9. Thread small blue beads onto two head-pins, place these through the two holes in the bead, and thread onto a necklace wire.

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