05 May 2014

Kodomo no Hi: Display

Over the past few days I've been showing you the various items that I have made to celebrate the Japanese festival of Kodomo no Hi (Children's Day) which is today. And now that they're all finished, I've put them together in a display along with some other items.

Quite often online I see people decorating their mantelpieces with seasonal displays, and I wished that I had a mantelpiece - then I realised that the radiator cover in my hall would serve the same purpose! So that's where I made my display of Kodomo no Hi items.

Here's a recap of all the things I made for the display:
1. Three origami carp made from some lovely origami papers in shades of blue
2. A set of carved stamps that I used to create a print
3. A simple graphic collage using origami papers
4. Three cute little fabric fish made with a kit from a magazine

In my display I've included my collage, fabric fish, the print made using the eraser stamps, and the origami fish. I also added an origami samurai helmet, a couple of paper windmills, a retro picture of a little boy, an old book called Children of Other Lands, which contains a story set in Japan, along with various other Japanese bits and pieces. It was a lot of fun creating the display!

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