09 January 2014

Japan souvenirs - various

Totoro items - a hand drying cloth, a towelling pouch, and rubber stamps. These were all from a shop on the way to Kiyomizu temple.

Food related items - a cheap little bento box, a little sake cup from one of the pottery stores on the way to Kiyomizu temple, a bird-shaped food cutter from the famous knife shop Aritsugu in Nishiki Market, a gorgeous chopstick rest in the shape of a tiny bowl, a bamboo fork, some citrus flavoured togarashi seasoning (next time I will buy all the different flavours, as they are so tasty and the tins are gorgeous!), and a natsume (tea caddy).

Wooden items - elephant shaped magnets, an ema (prayer plaque) from Heian Shrine, some tiny traditional style kokeshi dolls from a flea market, a doll-sized tea whisk, and a keyring.

Cute items - the little pink god was from a shop on the way to Kiyomizu, the other half of the same shop was the Studio Ghibli shop. The teeniest tiniest maneki neko (waving cat), and a Kewpie keyring. I did want a slightly larger Kewpie too, but the only other one I saw was an enormous one at a flea market.
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