13 August 2013

Painted chairs

My garden bench had started to fall apart, so I was thinking that I was going to have to spend a lot of money buying a new one. Then I saw two wooden chairs at my local charity shop for £3 each. I loved them but couldn't think of where they would fit in my house. The next night I realised that they would make a great replacement for my bench (and at a tenth of the cost of a new bench!). So I went running to the charity shop the following lunchtime, and luckily they were still there. The lady in the shop pointed out some white paint marks on the wood, but I told her it was OK as I was planning to paint them. One of the paint colours was chosen to match "the green thing" (see my previous post), and the other to match my Mount Fuji mural. The paint was more expensive than the chairs!

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