27 April 2009

Origami cranes

The latest display on my Ikea tree. These took longer to make than I thought they would!


patricia said...

Great idea! I've always wondered what to do with one of those Ikea trees because although the look great alone they seem to be missing something.

Anonymous said...


We found your beautiful crane tree and wanted to try to use it at an upcoming wedding. Tried to find the trees at Ikea and struck out. Were they a seasonal item do you think? or have you seen similar things elsewhere? Love the blog!

Kathy B

Emma said...

Hi Kathy

That's a shame that they don't have them any more. When I bought it, I think it was coming up for Christmas, but I think they still had them for a while afterwards.

I haven't really seen anything similar. The only thing I can think of is to make something like this:
which is made out of children's toys. You could make it in a different shape, and maybe paint it all in one colour.

Or maybe get a nice twig or branch to hang them from.

Hope that maybe gives you some ideas.


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