18 May 2008

Dundee Degree Show

Today I went to the degree show at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. It was the first place that I'd been to a degree show (last year) and I was glad that it lived up to my high expectations of it. My favourite exhibits were:

1. The beautiful paintings and prints of women in Chinese clothing by Jill Zhang. I would have bought one of these if I could have afforded it! But I had to make do with a postcard!

2. Genesis, an animation by Yeojin Jung based on Korean paintings.

3. The "Tea Monsters" illustrations by Jen Collins.

4. The works by the Jewellery and Metal Design students, many of which featured beautifully intricate patterns.

1 comment:

jenuine said...

haha, wow! out of curiosity i entered "tea monsters" into a search engine, & your blog entry came up! i'm extremely glad to hear that you liked the tea monsters, & the rest of the show.

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