23 March 2008

China: Days 1-2

I flew from Edinburgh to Heathrow, and after a slight problem with my luggage being lost and then found, I headed to Terminal 3 to check in for the Air China flight and joined the huge queue. While I was waiting the tour manager Lynn introduced herself. After checking in I met some of the others in the tour group in the Servisair lounge, and before long we were off to China.

When we arrived in China the first place we went was the Temple of Heaven, with its beautiful red, blue, green and gold painted woodwork. As we walked towards the temple the place was a hive of activity with ribbon dancers, singers, instrument players, dozens of people playing cards and board games, women crocheting, and much more. The weather was a bit hazy, but it didn’t detract from the beauty of the place.

After spending time looking around the temple, we headed to our hotel, the Holiday Inn Temple of Heaven.

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