26 February 2007

What I'm doing for the planet

I recently went to a free showing of the film "An Inconvenient Truth", so I've been thinking about environmental matters and what I am doing for the planet.

  • Recycling paper, plastic and garden waste
  • Using environmentally friendly household products
  • Beginning to change to low-energy lightbulbs
  • Leaving the TV on standby overnight
  • Leaving the cable box switched on

1 comment:

John said...

These factors are insignificant when compared to for example a flight to a far flung holiday destination.

If you turn off your standby appliances and change to energy saving bulbs you will probably have to turn the heating up to compensate. Except in the summer of course, but that only lasts a few weeks in Scotland anyway.

On the other hand, surveys have shown that just being energy conscious can save up to 20%!

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