01 December 2019

Inktober: Rentober

I haven’t ever taken part in Inktober before, but this year, Renmeleon, who I’ve followed since my Flickr days, came up with a list of prompts for #rentober that really inspired me, and I was able to use them to come up with a series of drawings that are sort of a combination of my Amelie and Hidden Faces projects.

I suppose I am “cheating” a bit by doing digital drawings for Inktober, which is supposed to be about “real” drawings. But I don’t care! I think all art is equally valid, and this is the medium that I’m really enjoying using at the moment.
I enjoyed coming up with a colour scheme that felt autumnal and spooky. Many of the drawings would have fitted in really well with my Hidden Faces project – it’s funny how I felt short of ideas for that project sometimes!
I think my favourite drawing is the tree, I think it has a cute look to it! I may try to develop this idea further.

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