27 June 2019

Meadows Festival

There had been lots of rain in the days before the Meadows Festival this year, but, as with the other years I’ve gone to it, the weather turned out pleasant on the day!
I spent all the money I’d taken with me, right down to the last penny! I found some amazing things. I got some lovely brooches, two pretty little tins (the designs of which made me feel very nostalgic) with buttons in them, books about jewellery design and butterflies, postcards, a candle holder in the shape of a lady’s head, and lots of things from the 50p and £1 tables such as a little flowery bowl, a lovely old pocket watch with the glass missing (similar to my gran's one which is smaller), and a mat with a couple embroidered on it. 
The lovely Ladybird My First Pairs game was also just 50p! I also got a leaflet about Culross that has great illustrations of the buildings there, an illustrated children’s book, and a bag of little wooden things including a pig, ladybirds, hearts, playing cards, and four-leafed clovers.

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