30 January 2017

This month I have been mostly...

Lots of unhealthy foods, including hot chocolate and marshmallows (I got some amazing mojito marshmallows from The Real Hot Chocolate Company when I ordered their Italian fondant hot chocolate), but then from about a week into the month lovely, healthy, vegan food!
I started reading the Kitty Peck mysteries by Kate Griffin. And lots of books about Hygge!

I started watching a series called Timeless, which I just happened to see some trailers for. It's like a combination of two of my favourites, Quantum Leap and Stargate! I've also been watching Swedish series Blue Eyes which I recorded ages ago, the new series of Sherlock and No Offence, both of which I'd been awaiting eagerly, and Italy's Invisible Cities which has been really interesting. I started watching Unforgotten for the first time, thinking it would be a one-off story of the week type show, but the storyline continued so I had to continue watching!

I wasn't back at work until the 9th of January, so that gave me lots of time to do all of the above, and I also went to an exhibition of Mucha's art at Kelvingrove - it was really inspiring! I also did a few little crafts in front of the TV.

Lots of cosy Scandi style knits, comfy slippers, faux fur hats and hoods, and slippers.

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