16 December 2016

Slogan T-shirt

One of the activities on offer at the Nation was a free workshop where you could make your own slogan t-shirt. 
I was provided with a white t-shirt on a piece of cardboard, a choice of a vinyl piece (yellow circle or red heart), three safety pins, and two black pens – one to draw on the vinyl and the other to draw on the fabric.
My slogan was not exactly very inventive or political – “Be creative, be happy!”, but I do believe in the power of using your creativity to live a happy life, so it’s something I really believe in. I teamed this with a yellow smiling face.
I was then given a pair of fabric scissors so that I could make any changes I wanted to the shape of the t-shirt. I decided to use these to add fringing around the sleeves and the bottom of the t-shirt.

When I was finished, I was given a sheet with instructions on how to iron the fabric pen onto the t-shirt, and washing instructions.
I didn’t have time to stay to take part in the fashion show in the afternoon, unfortunately, but I really enjoyed making my t-shirt! And it gives me ideas of techniques I could use if I need to make a t-shirt on a particular theme at short notice!

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