04 October 2016

Scottish Blogger Shop

Back in August I went to the Scottish Blogger Shop, which was held at Hillhead Bookclub in Glasgow (I did get rather excited about the idea of a book club, but it turns out that's just the name of a bar near the library!).

The sale was a great chance to shop from the wardrobes of many of my favourite Scottish bloggers, including Forever Yours Betty, Miss West End Girl, and Honeypop Kisses.

I totally forgot to take any photos at the sale itself, but here's what I bought. I got so many bargains and I only spent about £20 in total!
These were all part of a lucky dip bag from Miss West End Girl. I couldn't believe that I got so many cool things in it, including a real silver bracelet. And the sweeties were perfectly timed as I was getting my braces off two days later! The hat and hair accessories at the top of the post were also from Miss West End Girl. The hat is absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait for a suitable occasion to wear it! And I have no idea when I'll wear the feather hairband, but it was just so lovely that I couldn't resist it!

I was admiring a Jump from Paper bag on another stall, but I eventually bought this one from Honeypop Kisses. And I got some cool temporary tattoos thrown in.

And I got a really funky jumpsuit and a dress from Sheri at Forever Yours Betty.

It was amazing to meet all the bloggers, and they were all so genuine and friendly!

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