25 October 2016

National Library of Scotland

As a book lover, it's very surprising that I haven't ever visited the National Library of Scotland until now! I think I was just a little bit intimidated, knowing it's one of those libraries where you have to apply for a reader's card and follow a lot of rules!

I made my first visit because I'm preparing displays for the 50th anniversary of the school where I work, and I knew they had a copy of one of the school magazines from the 1970s.

I'd applied for my reader's card online, so there wasn't too much to do when I got there. I had to show some ID, and have my photo taken for the card (if I'd known that in advance I'd have made more effort with my hair!). A quick run-through of the rules, then I dropped off my coat, bag and umbrella in a locker and headed upstairs.

First I had to scan my card (marked with a red dot to show I was a newbie) and show my clear plastic bag (for notebook, pencils etc). Then I headed to the issue desk, where I was able to pick up the item that I'd requested online. I had to go to another desk to ask about making copies. I was lucky that they were running a trial for using (small) digital cameras (I had my big one with me for using in the museum later, but had to use my phone only in the library). I was given a sign to put on the desk saying that I had permission to take photos.

I quickly did the drawing above in pencil, which I finished off later at home with pens.

Half an hour later I was finished, and headed back downstairs to have a look at the exhibition of maps (where photography was positively encouraged!). Now that I know my way around I'm sure I'll be back to see lots of their exhibitions, and maybe to look at some books too!

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