26 October 2016

Fashion gallery at the National Museum of Scotland

This was my first visit to the museum since some of the galleries re-opened last year. I'm still eagerly waiting for my favourite, the Ivy Wu Gallery (or whatever they call it these days), to open up again, but in the meantime it was lovely to see the fashion gallery open.

The first thing that caught my eye was a very striking dress which turned out to be by a Scottish designer whose work I love (ever since one of my outfits was compared to her work!), Holly Fulton.
I loved the bold colours and designs of some of the other items on display which are in the photo at the top of this post, and the intricate lace and embroidery below.
Sadly they didn't have the beautiful pea-green jacket with red pompoms by Vivienne Westwood on display (that I'd painted years ago). I also haven't yet spotted one of my favourite displays, Miss Crowford's Bequest, a collection of costume jewellery - I'm hoping it's there somewhere!

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