18 October 2016

My collections: Pins

Pin collections are huge at the moment, and I'm just starting to develop my collection. There are a few themes I've started or am going to develop - Japanese themed pins, and pins that look like or represent me in some way. And probably I'll add some 80s nostalgia in there too!

I already had one of Kyoto, and one that looks like a plum blossom, so when Marceline brought out her Mount Fuji pin I just had to have it! And then I added a couple more on a Japanese theme - the limited edition soy sauce fish by TingsByUs, and the matcha latte one by Queenie's Cards. And I got two lovely vintage Japanese hiking badges from the 1980s with amazingly stylish illustrations on them. These screw on rather than pinning, but they are just perfect for the buttonholes of my denim jacket. I've tried to theme the pins on the pockets by colour too.
Also here is a pin by Stay Home Club, which is the beginning of the collection of pins that look like me!
These three lovely pins are vintage Russian ones that I bought on Etsy. The only problem is that the pins on them are a bit flimsy, like teeny safety pins, so I'm nervous about wearing and losing them. I may glue regular pin backs on them to make them more secure. The lion one reminded me of children's book illustrations, and the face one looked very Jonathan Adler-esque.
 And here are the rest of my pins and other metal badges. I'm not the Unison steward (I'm the Health & Safety rep) but this pin was left for me by the former steward. There's the badge of my former high school, which I bought when they knocked the building down. An Innsbruck pin from my trip to Austria. My house badge from work (but I'm apparently in Yellow now that they changed the house system, so I need a new one!). Stephenson's Rocket one from a trip to a model railway exhibition when I was a child. A green trefoil badge from when I was in the Guides. And a kawaii cupcake by Holly Illustrates.

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