14 October 2016

Hama bead tooth

I recently got my braces off after wearing them for about 20 months! This is what I made as a present for my orthodontic therapist, Louise.

On the day I got my braces off I'd been wearing my smiling watermelon necklace made from Hama beads, as I thought it would be quite apt, and there had been a big discussion about Hama beads and how to use them - they thought it might be a good way to train the husband of one of the staff how to correctly use an iron :D
So, in the two days between that and my appointment to get my retainers, I quickly whipped up this present. It was quite easy to make the design, as I just drew a full sized template on paper and laid this against the board to make the outline. Luckily I had just enough white beads to complete it!
I insisted Louise open it while I was still there, as I knew it would make her laugh! I told her she could either use it as a coaster or put it in the display cabinet. She said it was the best present from a patient she'd ever had! And, along with the card I made, they displayed it on their Facebook page the very next day!

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