04 August 2016

Kiko lipsticks, and a little lipstick tip

I just love matte lipsticks, and I love lipsticks in bright colours, so when I visited Kiko in Glasgow for the first time I fell in love with their Velvet Passion Matte lipsticks. I only bought one on the day, but I ended up ordering three more online!
The colours I got were 306 (Fuchsia), 305 (Hibiscus), 308 (Papaya) and 314 (Plum).
They aren't the cheapest lipsticks in the shop, but I really love the matte finish, gorgeous colours, and the very satisfying magnetic closure!
The only problem I found with them is that there's nothing on the outside to indicate the colour (apart from the tiny writing on the bottom) and that's where my little tip comes in - nail varnish! Assuming that you have a nail varnish collection that's just as extensive as your lipstick collection, just add a little dab of the nearest colour of nail varnish to the lipstick label!
The only problem now is deciding which to wear! Well, that and trying to stop myself buying more!

Yes, I am actually wearing 3 colours at once here!

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